Your workflow is our optimization problem

Modelers of optimization problems are always working on increasing the productivity of various systems. But who will work on increasing the productivity of modelers?

— That's what we are here for!


Ricardo Camargo
Co-founder. Idealizer. His wife and two daughters are very much loved.
Davi Doro
Co-founder. Full-stack Developer. Likes to play the piano, but nowadays he's a little rusty.
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It all started back in 2018, when I, Davi, was looking for an idea for my undergraduate thesis. In a conversation with my advisor, Ricardo, I asked what kind of tool he thought would be helpful for him as an operations research teacher. We talked for a while about a few ideas, one of which was something similar to Overleaf, but for mathematical programming. Something that would enable him to work in optimization problems along with students and colleagues using the browser. Having struggled myself in trying to collaborate with classmates in group assignments of operations research classes, I liked the idea. So as my undergraduate thesis we delivered a prototype of the tool we have today.
PIFOP (Programming Interface For Optimization Problems) has evolved a great deal since then. The prototype we had back then was not much more than a client interface for NEOS with a very iffy collaborative editing feature. Today our users enjoy a much richer mathematical programming environment, featuring different solver execution options with a stable real-time collaborative system. We are always working on improving our current solutions and providing more conveniences with new ones. As the years go by, more and more students, researchers and modeling practitioners have been adopting PIFOP as their primary tool for mathematical programming, which we find very encouraging!
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