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our paid subscription plans are on pause indefinitely, meaning that we are currently not accepting new clients, just maintaining those that we already have.

Prices in US dollars.

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We provide up to 80% discount for teachers and students.

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1. Can I use PIFOP for free indefinitely?

Yes. In the free tier, you can always use NEOS and GLPSOL to solve your optimization models.

2. How does the free trial works?

You get full access to your chosen PIFOP plan during your free trial. There is no obligation to continue beyond the trial. Your card will be charged at the end of your trial unless you cancel before then. You can cancel via your subscription settings.

3. Do my collaborators also need paid plans?

Not necessarily. Features that apply to your projects, such as persistent execution and maximum number of files, will also benefit your collaborators. However, some features are applied in the account level, such as the ability to use Opt-servers. Account level features are not extended to your collaborators.

4. What are the supported payment methods?

Credit cards and, for annual subscriptions, bank transfer.

5. Can I change my plan later?

Yes, you can always change your plan via the subscription management page. This includes upgrading, downgrading, switching billing options and adding and removing subscription keys.

6. Should I choose monthly or annual billing?

Annual subscribers get 12 months for the price of 10. But if you are just getting started with PIFOP, you may want to try it for a few months first.

7. How do I get PIFOP for multiple people?

The Enterprise plan allows you to get discounted Subscription Keys that you can distribute to whoever you want.

8. I heard that Universities have special discounts.

Yes, universities can get up to 80% discount depending on how many Subscription Keys they include in their Enterprise plan. See the updated discount values at the checkout page.

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Features Quick Reference

Feature / Limit Explanation Collaborators How many of your collaborators can edit a project of yours at the same time. The maximum number of users that can edit a project simultaneously is determined by the account limits of the owner of that project. For instance, if you are subscribed to the Basic plan, your projects can be edited by you plus 10 collaborators at the same time, regardless of the account limits of your collaborators. Projects How many projects you can create. Files per project How many files can be created in your projects. Project size Maximum size of each of your projects. The size of a project is the sum of all file sizes within that project. Parallel execution How many processes can be executed simultaneously in your projects. This limit is per project, meaning that running a job within a project does not decrease the number of jobs you can run in other projects of yours. Terminal lines How many lines are buffered in terminals in projects owned by you. Open browser tabs How many browser tabs can be connected to PIFOP with your account. This number is the total number of open tabs across all your devices (desktop, notebook, tablet, etc). NEOS utilization All users can use the neos command to submit models to be executed on NEOS. GLPSOL utilization All users can use the glpsol command to run GLPSOL locally in the browser. Persistent execution Processes started in projects owned by our paying users stay running even after they sign out, i.e., their processes persist. It does not matter which user initiated the process: as long as the owner of the project has persistent execution enabled, all of the processes in that project will stay running while users are away. Note that persisting processes may still be terminated for other reasons, e.g., if they timeout or exceed memory limits. Google Spreadsheets All of our paying users can read and write data from/to Google Sheets directly from their projects. Opt-Server utilization All of our paying users can execute programs in Optimization Servers that they have access to. Opt-Server hosting If enabled, you will be able to host Optimization Servers. Each subscription plan allows you to host a certain number of Optimization Servers. Hover over the info icon on this field of a given plan to learn more. Provisioned Opt-server You have the option to spin-up an Optimization Server that will be provisioned by us. We will manage the setup, software installation, maintenance and all the rest, and you — and your Enterprise members, if applicable — will be able to use it 24/7. Subscription keys The Enterprise plan allows you to purchase PIFOP for multiple people at a lower price — ideal for universities and companies. You do this by acquiring subscription keys that you can distribute to the members of your institution.
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