Enterprise Plan and Subscription Keys

Get PIFOP for multiple people

The Enterprise subscription plan allows you to get PIFOP for multiple people — your students, colleagues, teammates, co-authors, and so on. To do so, you purchase subscription keys that you can give to others so that they can upgrade their accounts to a plan of your choice, which can be either Basic, Plus or Advanced.

The Enterprise plan is ideal for universities, companies and other institutions, but can also be used for small groups, such as a teacher with a few students, or a company's small research team.

Same plans at lower prices

The more subscription keys you add to your account, the higher the discount that you get. If you are using PIFOP for educational purposes, the discounts are even higher.

Recording of the checkout page as of Jan 2023. Today's values may differ.

One account to rule them all

The system is very straightforward:

  1. At checkout, select the Enterprise plan and the subscription keys you want to include in your plan. For instance, you can include 12 keys for the Basic plan and 1 key for the Pro plan.
  2. After you complete your purchase, go to your subscription keys management area. Under Owned Keys, click on the Remaining Idle Keys that you want to hand out other PIFOP users. You can always take a key back and give it to someone else.
  3. The users you have given the subscription keys to will then be able to use the key to upgrade their account. To do so, they access their own subscription management page and click on the subscription key to use it, which will be under Unused Subscription Keys.
As an Enterprise subscriber, you can always see which of your keys are being used in the subscription keys management area.

Subscription Keys FAQ

1. My University / Company said that I have a subscription key. How do I use it?

Go to your subscription management page and find the key under Unused Subscription Keys. Click on the key to upgrade your account.

2. I'm an Enterprise subscriber. What are Idle Keys?

Idle keys are keys that you own but that you have not given to anyone else. To hand out your idle keys, go to your subscription keys management page and click on the Remaining Idle keys button of the subscription plan in question.

3. Am I still charged for Idle Keys?

Yes. In order to remove these keys from your account, go through the checkout process again, selecting only the amount of keys that you want to keep.

4. I'm an Enterprise subscriber. I want to take a key back from someone and give it to someone else. How do I do this?

Go to your subscription keys management page and find the key that you want to take back. Select the key then click on the Take Back button at the top right. The key will return to your Idle keys, which you can then click on to hand it out to someone else.

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