Getting Started
STEP 1. Click on the New Project button.

STEP 2. Name your project and select the files you want to upload, if any. In this tutorial, we will be using the files from the Steel Production example from the AMPL book. These files can be downloaded from here.

STEP 3. Double click on the files shown on the left to view and edit their content. In our case, we don't want to edit anything, as they are ready for execution.

STEP 4. Everything is ready for execution. Go to the Terminal top menu and select Run.... In this example we are using GLPSOL as the solver, but there are other options. Select the input files and press Run.

STEP 5. All done! See the results of the execution in the terminal on the right.

NEXT STEPS: You can learn about remote solver execution here, and about terminal commands here. Check out the sample projects available in here.