Collaboration and Sharing Options

To share a project with collaborators or viewers, open it and go to Project > Share in the top menu. A window will pop-up showing you the sharing options:

Share your project with a link

The link sharing option lets you share your project with others by giving them a link. This option is disabled by default. Once you enable it, anyone that get their hands into one of your project's links will be able to access it. Two links are provided:

Share without editing permissions (view-only)

Anyone with this link can view the project and its files, but not edit it. The only way a viewer can to make changes to the project is if they make copy of their own.

Share with editing permissions

Anyone with this link can edit the project and its files. For that reason, you should only share this link with people that you really trust.

Share your project through direct invitation

The most secure sharing option is through direct invitation. This option lets you share the project with specific PIFOP users, essentially creating a white-list of users that can access your project. Each user in the white-list will receive an email invitation to the project, through which they will be able to open and edit it.

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