List of Examples

Below you can find many examples of mathematical programs implemented in different modeling languages. You can open and execute them on PIFOP.

The examples are shared here in view-only mode. Use the Copy Project button in the left menu to make your own editable copy.

AMPL Book Examples

The examples below have been retrieved from the AMPL Book, which you can access online here.

Run an example using NEOS:

> neos -m <model-file> -d <data-file> -c <commands-file>


> glpsol -m <model-file> -d <data-file>
Example Book Figure(s) Basic production model | GLPSOL 1-2 and 1-3 Steel production model | GLPSOL 1-4a and 1-4b Lower bounds on production | GLPSOL 1-5a and 1-5b Additional resource constraints | GLPSOL 1-6a and 1-6b Diet model | GLPSOL 2-1 to 2-3 Transportation model 3-1a and 3-1b Multicommodity transportation model 4-1 and 4-2 Multiperiod production model 4-4 and 4-5 Production-transportation model 4-6 and 4-7 Diet model using union 5-1 and 5-2 Production model with ordered sets 5-3 and 5-4 Transportation model with all pairs 6-1 Transportation model with selected pairs 6-2a and 6-2b Multiperiod production with indexed sets 6-3 and 6-4 Multicommodity transportation with indexed sets 6-5 Parameter sensitivity script 13-1 Script for printing a sales table 13-2 Script for recording sensitivity 13-3 Testing conditions within a loop 13-4 Using break and continue in a loop 13-5 Sensitivity analysis with infeasibility test 14-1 Pattern-based model for the cutting problem 14-2 to 14-4 Defining named problems 14-6 General transshipment model 15-2a and 15-2b Specialized transshipment model 15-3a and 15-3b Specialized transshipment model v2 15-4a and 15-4b Maximum traffic flow 15-6 Shortest path 15-7 General transshipment model with node and arc 15-10 Specialized transshipment model with node and arc 15-11 Maximum flow model with node and arc 15-12 Columnwise scheduling model 16-4 Piecewise-linear model with three slopes 17-2 Piecewise-linear model with indexed slopes 17-3a and 17-3b Piecewise-linear objective with penalty function 17-5a and 17-5b Nonlinear transportation model 18-4 and 18-5 Production cost minimization model 19-1 and 19-2 Production equilibrium model 19-3 Bounded version of production equilibrium model 19-4 Price-dependent demands 19-5 Multicommodity model with fixed costs 20-1a and 20-1b Multicommodity model with fixed costs v2 section 20.2 Multicommodity model with further restrictions 20-2a and 20-2b

GAMS Examples

The examples below have been retrieved from the GAMS Model Library, which you can access online here.

Run an example using NEOS:

> neos -m <model-file>
Example Transportation Problem Blending Problem I Production Mix Problem Simple Warehouse Problem On-the-Job Training The Shortest Route Problem Aircraft Allocation with Uncertainty APEX Production Scheduling Model ARCNET Production Distribution and Inventory UIMP Production Scheduling Problem MAGIC Power Scheduling Problem Weapons Assignment Elementary Production and Inventory Model Opencast Mining Ajax Paper Company Production Schedule Platoform Example Refinery AMPL Sample Problem Aluminum Alloy Smelter Sample Problem Thai Navy Problem Sensitivity analysis using LOOPS Military Manpower Planning from Wagner Production Scheduling Model using SOS1 and SOS2 Models of Spatial Competition in MCP Form Decomposition Principle - Animated Traffic Equilibrium Problem Lagrangian Relaxation for Generalized Assignment Robust Optimization Scheduling to Minimize Interaction Cost Transportation Model as Equilibrium Problem
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