Working with Spreadsheets

PIFOP offers a limited support for spreadsheets files (.xlsx).

  • Spreadsheet files can be uploaded to a project, but they cannot be edited through PIFOP.
  • Spreadsheet files can be referenced within script files.
  • Spreadsheet files are not supported by GLPSOL nor NEOS, only by PIFOP Optimization Servers.
  • The AMPL folder in the Optimization Server must contain the file amplxl.dll, which can be downloaded from here.

To learn the AMPL syntax for reading data from spreadsheets, take a look at this. The following sample projects show two versions of the same problem, one using spreadsheets and one not. The two main differences are that 1) we use the table command rather than the data command to load the data and 2) we have to add load amplxl.dll; to load the AMPL spreadsheets handler before working with them.

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