Can you solve these 5 simple network problems?

By Davi Doro — November 28th, 2022

Creating and solving mathematical programming assignments and exercises in PIFOP just got easier with the new reset-answer and answer terminal commands.

In order to demonstrate one of the ways you can use this new feature, I have created a simple challenge that I invite you to try to solve.

You can learn more about the new commands in Project Answer.

Demo Challenge: Solve these 5 network problems

The challenge consists of a series of 5 network optimization problems that you have solve for a given instance. The data will be given in the AMPL format, so you are encouraged to implement an AMPL mathematical program to solve the problems — although this is not required.

The first problem is an instance of the Shortest Path Problem. The other problems will be revealed when you get to them :)

Where do I begin?

If you don't have one already, create an account. You only need freely available features to complete this challenge.
  1. Start by copying this project.
  2. Follow the instructions given and solve the problem. Tip: the challenges are simple enough that you can use NEOS to run your programs. If you need help, checkout these NEOS usage examples.
  3. Enter the optimal solution using the answer terminal command. Example:
    > answer 876.54
  4. If you enter the correct solution, you will be given a link to the next problem.
  5. Rinse and repeat, until you reach the finish line.

The prize

Everyone that completes the challenge gets a cookie at the end.

Create your own challenges, puzzles, assignments, etc.

You too can create mathematical programming challenges and classroom exercises and share them online. Just create a free account to get started.

Have fun!


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