PIFOP is now an

AMPL Technology Partner

By Davi Doro — January 30th, 2023

What does that mean for PIFOP users?

It means that you can easily bring your AMPL license to PIFOP — e.g. AMPL for Courses, AMPL Community Edition, etc — and use it here!

Among other things, you will be able to:

Read and write Google Sheets in your AMPL scripts — check out this example. Use AMPL's Python API — use solver callbacks and other advanced features. Easily share AMPL multi-user licenses — ideal for universities and companies. Share your AMPL models online — no more sharing zip files around. Collaborate with your peers — Google Docs-like real-time collaboration. Create AMPL Assignments — teachers will love this. Check out AMPL Quick Start to learn more about using AMPL on PIFOP.

How do I use my AMPL license on PIFOP?

Provisioned Optimization Server

  1. Get a Provisioned Opt-Server from us.
  2. Get your AMPL license UUID at your AMPL Portal.
  3. Open one of your PIFOP projects and activate your AMPL license:
    > amplkey activate --uuid LICENSE-UUID

Done! Now you have all of the power of your AMPL license combined with all the power of PIFOP.

Host your own Optimization Server

Alternatively, you can also host your own optimization server and configure your AMPL license in it — ideal for universities, companies and other organizations.

Can I use AMPL as a free PIFOP user?

Yes! You can solve your AMPL models using NEOS. It is more limiting, but it is a great way to run simple models using dozens of commercial solvers for free.

Check out this List of AMPL examples.

Try it now!

Create an account and try PIFOP's features for AMPL for free!

See you around!


PS: A big shoutout and thanks to the AMPL team! Everyone was really nice and supportive of this partnership. Thank you so much!   🙂

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